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medicalfacilityThe biggest question you may have is why workSmart!?

workSmart! is a developed core industry technology that provides proven solutions at a low risk with a fast ROI. workSmart! Core & Enterprise have been designed specifically to work with Distributors and Manufacturers in the medical industry to streamline day-to-day operations.
Our system was developed specifically for medical device manufacturers and distributors to help manage workflow and increase cash flow. 
What can workSmart! do for you?
  • Eliminate paper based processing
  • Reduce disputes
  • Automate reporting and order replenishment’s
  • Automate order entry accuracy
  • Improve inventory for audits and reduce costs
  • Work in conjunction with current CRM & ERP systems
  • Supports the direct and agent sales
  • Provide significant risk reduction
  • Streamline the workflow processes through automation
  • Decreases non-revenue generating activities
  • Provides real-time visibility of end-to-end inventory
  • Supports popular mobile devices
  • Ensure compliance with all FDA regulations

Proven Results with workSmart!

Reduce Inventory Audit Times
Reduce Order Processing Times
Increased Revenue Generating Activities
Achieve ROI in 9-12 Months

Accelerated Order Fulfillment and Billing Cycles

  • Eliminate inaccurate, time-consuming manual order entry and inventory lists
  • Improve billing accuracy with online product and contract information
  • Invoice immediately with bills and signature approvals generated at customer locations

Reduce Risk

  • Reduce exposure to product liabilities with automated lot and case tracking
  • Reduce manual ordering errors and inaccurate pricing

Get Inventory Under Control

  • Reduce inventory shrinkage and unnecessary orders with automated inventory audits
  • Reduce expired product charges with real time visibility to expiration dates

Ensure industry compliance      

  • Helps you comply with FDA regulations
  • Supports the most popular mobile consumer devices

Increase operational efficiencies across the entire organization

  • Streamline communications by providing online access to case schedules
  • Enable real-time access to order, inventories, and product tracking
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction with online “surgeon profiles” for continuous, consistent sales interface to customers
  • Extend access to any mobile user via support for wireless devices, laptops and desktop computers

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