how do i remedy my pain points?

The feature-rich, customizable workSmart!TM Commissions module does all the complex calculations for you so you are free to focus on your clients’ needs.


Your customizable options include:
  • Default commission rates that can be set per distributor.
  • Commission percentages that can be created for product families or categories within each catalog.
  • Separate sales rep commission rates that can be defined.
  • Positive or negative miscellaneous Adjustments options such as distributor freight charges.
  • An Assigned Rep Rate which is the commission rate for the sales rep assigned to the customer.
  • A Covering Rep Rate for a sales rep who covered a case for the assigned rep, and submitted the order.
  • An Override Rep Rate used as a special case option, such as a sales rep that gets a percentage of all orders for the manufacturer.

workSmart!™ provides top-of-the-line commission reports that include information about order, invoice, and case dates along with details about sales reps, manufacturers, SKU/ITEM numbers, lot numbers, and surgeons.

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